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[5] favourite movies: The Lord of the Rings

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it has been a year since the mikasa/ben 10 chronicles but 

what do y’all know about the mera/eleven chronicles

so happy i got to meet the beautiful @yayahan today in her enira - it’s such an intimidating costume!!!!!! really glad i got a good pic with her and my lovely @fantasyninja 💕💖✨ #dragoncon #cosplay (at Dragon*Con)

i also met a very cool aquaman who also used scalemaille on his costume!!! 🐠🐟🐬🐳✨ (at Dragon*Con)

really glad i got to hang out with @minilink this weekend!!! his #dragoncon video is going to be epic (at Dragon*Con)

nathaniel looks exactly like matt smith and he is amazing!!! (at Dragon*Con)

i took this picture for @tempestpaige ✨ (at Dragon*Con)

i met a very pretty legolas whose neckline was down to his belly button he was great

"You’re a Targaryen, you’re the mother of dragons."

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i ran into volpin again this year!!! his props are amazing please look at his stuff it will make you cry

see you soon #dragoncon !!! 💕💖✨🐲