why do white people keep the stickers on their cars from when they go skiing like they’re badges of honour or something

gothicpup replied to your post: anonymous said:You’re going to Dr…

omg i am too :)

maybe i’ll see you there!

You're going to DragonCon?!?!?!



jojens co vu/post/92567798001/on-that-one-viserys-post-you-tagged-i-love-you-or so when I read this post I initially thought it was you (because you love viserys more than anyone else I follow, right?) but then I clicked on the link she referenced, and she mentioned you in the tags, and I realized that it wasn't you! I found someone who likes viserys as much as you do though, and that makes me incredibly happy! I love finding new people who love viserys! just wanted to let you know haha :)


ahhhhh oh my goodness this is great!!! the viserys targaryen fanclub gets bigger everyday this makes me so happy!!



now that i finally have all of my materials together and i’m gonna start working on three big costumes i probably won’t shut up about con season until approximately a week after dragon*con which will be september and if y’all don’t want to live through that just blacklist “ja’mie liveblogs con season” and we’ll be all good to go





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i just tried it and it’s legit. ultimate collection is sims 2 + ALL expansions + ALL stuff packs. get it while it’s hot!!

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"Playing a drug addict was challenging, especially since it was an alien drug. I spent a lot of time talking with Kevin Murphy (the show’s creator) and Michael Nankin (the episode’s director) about the physicality of a person addicted to Adreno. Once we were clear on that, I started watching videos of people high on drugs, specifically opiates. All the videos were very graphic, it gave me direction to play Amanda, although it also left me feeling very raw." -Julie Benz

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